Artsa Consultancy and Project is an international art consultancy company based in Istanbul, London, New York and Dubai. We gladly offer you consultancy and supply services for one-stop artwork for your home, office and project. Considering both aesthetics and budget, we create personalized art programs and collections tailored to our customers' needs and wishes. Our art consultants may make a significant impact on your collection while contributing their expertise, connections, and understanding of the market. 

For us, art is distinctive, motivating, and powerful. We like finding our clients the most intriguing and uncommon works of art by both domestic and international artists. One of our main objectives at Artsa Consultancy and Project is to act as a conduit between art and the individual. We share as much of our experience as possible with you in this direction.

The company's founder, Selcan Atılgan is a master of the art business who spent many years working for galleries all over the world before deciding to start her own consulting business. She now shares her expertise with her high-end art collectors and serves as a consultant for renowned hotels. She has excellent relationships with the majority of galleries and her headquarters are in Istanbul, London, New York and Dubai. 

Some of the services we provide as Artsa Project and Consultancy are as follows:

Meeting with the clients to determine their artistic preferences

Analysis / focus on an artist or art market segment

Research in international markets and search for suitable works of art

Display pre-sale of works of art for the client

Due diligence on authenticity, attribution, provenance and condition reports 

Formal representation as client consultant in private transactions

Price negotiation on behalf of the client in private sales

Coordination of shipping, storage and installation 

Artsa Consultancy and Project is dedicated to give you the most comprehensive service and collaborates with numerous renowned galleries and artists both domestically and abroad. Since Artsa is not affiliated with a particular gallery or artist, it expertly manages its relationships and has a wide range of galleries and artists in order to bring out the best pieces. 


Founder Selcan Atılgan, having mastered at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London she worked for galleries around the world for many years and after this experience she decided to open her own consulting company. She worked for leading international art organizations; including The Saatchi Gallery, Sotheby’s London and New York and Art Basel Miami. Selcan has curated various exhibitions with international artists in NYC, London, Dubai and Turkey. Now she provides her experience to her high-quality art collectors and also, she works as an art consultant for various projects around the world. She is based in between Istanbul , London, Dubai and New York.