Art Collectors


Art Collectors

Building an art collection can be exciting and intimidating at the same time, yet this is how the most illuminating and prestigious collections of art were made. There are several noteworthy collections in existence today, and both these collections and their owners have a significant influence on the art world. As an illustration of these collections: We can cite David Geffen, whose personal collection is said to be the largest, or the Nahmad brothers, who have about 5,000 works of art.

It is important to understand that not all collectors buy art for the same reason. However, knowing the motivation can help us understand which door to art will open. "The most loyal art collectors are those who truly love and value the pieces they buy. They enjoy living with art and regularly appreciating it” explains Carolyn Edlund. Often, art collectors form an emotional bond with a piece after learning why and how it was created.

It is indisputable that art influences living places, but in recent years, it seems as though the world has begun to revolve more and more around art. The concept of "art," which has existed throughout history from the dawn of civilization to the present, will endure long after we are gone. It will be passed down from one generation to the next because of renowned collections and collectors. Every collection of art contains a unique set of meanings, viewpoints, and feelings, much like a personal diary. The desire to buy a work of art and incorporate it into a living space never goes away and, in fact, grows stronger with time. Obtaining assistance along this route may lead you and your collection to locations you had no idea existed. By working with the appropriate direction and trustworthy sources, individuals who are just beginning their collections can develop their new collections in the most logical and useful manner. They also have the chance to produce the most intriguing assortment possible while staying within their budgets. You can rely on Artsa Consultancy and Project to give you the finest service possible thanks to their years of consulting expertise working with art collectors.

If you already own a collection…

You know what attracts you, what you like or dislike. There are artists, galleries and events you follow regularly and you like to be actively involved in the art world. Working with us, you can expand your collection the way you want and stay up-to-date on important art events happening around the world. Thanks to our dynamic relations with local and foreign galleries, artists and institutions, we are informed about innovations early and find the most beautiful pieces for you. At the same time, we are growing together with art thanks to studio visits, special invitations and many other events.
Do you find it difficult to follow art in your busy work schedule? In today's age, where new works are produced every day, there are many valuable and different artists. Art, which sustains itself tremendously around the world, demands close follow-up and attention. We create your art agenda according to your tastes and demands. In addition, thanks to our extensive inventory and research skills, we find the most special and most suitable pieces for you and add them to your collection.